When I returned to work after my first child was born, my job required a significant amount of travel. I was on trains and planes a couple of days every week, but was committed to nursing and pumping for that first year. While some airports offer clean family restrooms, the majority of the time I was stuck pumping in public restrooms at airports and train stations and even coffee shops in between meetings. Any hope of being discrete was lost due to the loud sound of the pump working away. With the birth of my second child, travel is still a requirement and I’m again shooting for a full 12 months of breastfeeding. While I still don’t have a nice quiet place to pump while on the road, I now have the Mighty Mom, which has provided me with a level of discretion that allows me to take care of business without everybody knowing my business! I also never knew how much that sound of the pump bothered me until it was gone. On a different note, there is a loss of productivity when you have to pump 3 times a day while in the office. With the Hush a Pump, I am able to participate in phone calls without the person on the other end wondering if I’m calling from a construction site. Also, the sound of the pump now isn’t distracting if I’m trying to write emails or read news articles. The Hush a Pump case has certainly made a huge difference in this working mom’s daily life and gives me more confidence as I shoot for that 12-month mark.

Caroline, Finance Professional

Model: Freestyle