The Mighty Mom Hush-a-Pump case is here to reduce that whooshing sound.


Our patented case is game changing. Reducing the noise level from the sound of a vacuum to below the level of a typical conversation . 

I always found the whooshing sound of the pump very annoying, but I didn’t realize quite how disruptive it was until I was able to enjoy the convenience that this case provides.
— Erica
It reduces the sound of the pump by enough to allow a busy mom to multitask and also not be disruptive to the rest of the family!
— Talia
The whooshing was so loud that it would wake my sensitive sleeping baby up. I’m a stay at home mom that pumps frequently. The hush-a-pump case saved me!! Try it and you’ll know what I mean!
— Jill
I am able to participate in phone calls without the person on the other end wondering if I’m calling from a construction site.
— Caroline
I tested it, they asked for it back.

I said no.

— Tracy, Beta-tester
Why didn’t anyone come up with this ingenious idea sooner! With the case, I no longer have to turn the tv volume up 5 extra notches or throw a huge blanket over the pump when I want to pump and multi-task on day to day activities!
— Clara
Finally! A new breast pump accessory for working moms! (And for any mom who is tired of making up song lyrics to the sound of her pump.)
— Kristy