The inception of Mighty-Mom!

Christine and Tim are the parents of three wonderful children.

When their son was born, Christine was determined to provide as much breast milk as she could, despite his latching challenges. As such, she pumped almost exclusively for 9 months.

Christine was fed up with hearing the pump, so Tim set out to create something that would easily fit around the Medela Freestyle® pump to quiet the noise. After several iterations of cases, the idea started to take form. While Christine was no longer breastfeeding, it was still a goal of Tim’s to complete.

While Christine was pregnant with their daughter, the idea started to gather steam. Two weeks before their daughter was born, Tim participated in the MIT – Breast Pump Hackathon – Making the Breast Pump not Suck. As a member of the winning team, Mighty Mom, Tim decided to take the idea to the next level.

Christine and Tim have completed a design that reduces the noise of the Medela Pump in Style® by approximately 50%! Christine actively used the prototypes created to breastfeed and pump for their daughter, which led to the product that now exists.  We almost ready to launch!

While the noise of the pump isn’t eliminated, it has been reduced to a much more tolerable level. See the reviews in our testimonials! You can watch TV without raising the volume! You can unmute the conference call!